Acting Like a Three Year Old: A Father’s Day Post

Photo from Whiskey Riff’s 2016 list, “12 of Country Music’s Hottest Dads.”  Of course Eric made the list!

It’s Sunday so you know what that means- it’s time for Church! And since it’s also Father’s Day, I thought it would be appropriate to look at a song that Eric Church wrote from the perspective of being a dad. That song is “Three Year Old,” the last track on the Mr. Misunderstood album.

Now normally I wouldn’t advise someone to act like a three year old but if you’re acting like the one in this song, then I might actually encourage it. In “Three Year Old,” Eric sings about some of the lessons that he’s learned from his three year old son (who is now a five year old and was later followed by a little brother who is now two.) Lessons like “nothing turns a day around like licking a mixing bowl” and “why go inside when you can go behind a tree?” Though I’m only familiar with one of these first-hand (I’ll let you decide if it’s the former or the latter), I’ll take this three year old’s word for it on both counts!

“And when you’re wrong, you should just say so, I learned that from a three year old”

It’s the final line of the chorus that I like best and that I think contains the most important piece of advice in this song, which is that you should admit when you’re wrong. I’m guilty of not doing this enough and could probably benefit from acting more like a three year old in this regard.

I like that this song shows a different, softer side of Eric. Underneath the aviator sunglasses and the black leather jacket lies a dad- one who takes his son fishing, even if he does throw the fishing pole and tackle box in the water! But what did Eric expect from a son coming from a long line of sinners like him?

Happy Father’s Day to Eric Church and to all you other dads out there!

Currently listening to: Bob Seger- his music is now (finally!) available for streaming! Eric opened for some of his shows in 2006 and he was also a big influence on Eric’s music so listening to him as I post this seems quite fitting.


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