Mark Leach Wants a Girl Who Goes to Church


I’ll admit that I just learned Mark Leach’s name today. He’s a new country artist who hasn’t yet broken into the mainstream that I only just discovered thanks to Twitter. He’s been around for a few years though- in 2013, his album With Love From Tennessee came out and he’s released a few singles since then. On the website for Mark Leach Music, his sound is described as “Keith Urban meets Dierks Bentley meets Eric Church.” The reason he popped up on my Twitter feed is because is new single just debuted today. His single is titled, “She Don’t Go to Church,” and it’s about (you guessed it) Eric Church! Whiskey Riff calls this song an “anthem for Eric Church Fans,” so I think you guys can pretty much already guess how I feel about it.

In “She Don’t Go to Church,” Leach sings about a girl who’s a got a lot of good qualities- she’s a good Christian, she listens to Alan and Waylon, she’ll drink a cold one on the weekend- but when it comes time to drop a dollar in the jukebox, she don’t go to Church. And when the Chief comes on the radio, she don’t sing along. Despite all that she’s got going for her, the fact that she’s not an Eric Church fan makes her undatable (I feel ya, Mark!)

According to Cleveland Country Magazine, “Mark Leach is a self-proclaimed Eric Church fan” and it shows in this new single. Throughout the song, Leach references many of Eric Church’s song titles “as a great play on words.” My favorite lines from the song in which Leach does this are:

“She don’t know “Guys Like Me,” so I can’t date a girl like her, ’cause she don’t go to Church


“Oh, I really wanna love her “Like Jesus Does,” but she keeps killin’ my “Round Here Buzz,” cause she don’t go to church” 

I’m curious to see what the future holds in store for Mark Leach. One thing’s for sure- he’s made a fan out of me with this song. I’ll be playing it all weekend along with some Eric Church because unlike the girl in this song, I do go to Church.


Currently listening to: All of the Eric Church songs that the girl in this song won’t listen to


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