Orange Ain’t Brandy Clark’s Color

Season five of ‘Orange is the New Black’ was released today so I thought that “prison” would be an appropriate theme for today’s post. While it’s true that there’s no shortage of songs about prison in country music (they’re a rough bunch, what can I say?), there’s one song in particular that I want to focus on. And in keeping with the OITNB theme, this song is by a female artist. Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, wardens and inmates, I present to you “Stripes” by Brandy Clark.

In her 2013 song “Stripes,” Brandy catches her lover cheating and despite her finger itching to pull the trigger on them, she doesn’t. Why not you ask? Well, it’s because she hates stripes and orange ain’t her color. And if she squeezed that trigger she would’ve been wearin’ one or the other. As she repeats in the song’s chorus, “there’s no crime of passion worth a crime of fashion.” I’m not sure if the ladies of OITNB would agree.

Brandy also says that hard time might not be so bad- she could fall in love with the prison guard to help make her time behind bars a little more bearable. She might want to have a talk with Dayanara about that!

I won’t analyze all of the lyrics as the link to the video is below and you can have a listen for yourself. I do, however, want to use this opportunity to mention that Brandy Clark is a great singer/songwriter and encourage you to check out some of her other music. I got to see in her concert a couple of years ago when she was the opening act for Eric Church and even got to meet her (picture below). You’re probably already familiar with some of her work and you just didn’t know it- she helped write hits like Miranda Lambert’s “Mama’s Broken Heart” and Kacey Musgraves’ “Follow Your Arrow.”

Oh! And orange ain’t my color either! Seriously, I look just awful in it.

With Brandy Clark, John Paul Jones Arena, Charlottesville, VA (October 2014)


Currently listening to: Regina Spektor- “You’ve Got Time” (OITNB themesong)


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